Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Second Skin

No,I am not talking about anyone selling you shapes and skins...Second skin refers to a documentary film that follows six people who frequent MMORPGs...( massively multiplayer online role-playing games ) That is what Second life is, and other games like World of Warcraft. ...something that I just learned today in this article about the film.
According to the trailers, the film tells about a couple who have fallen in love without ever meeting in rl, but whose meeting is to take place soon. There are stories about " disabled players whose lives have been given new purpose." It also tells about people who are struggling with addiction, to the medium. All of these people are living in a world that is virtual, however does that mean that the emotions are not quite real?
I ponder... in a real world of increasing isolation, is this where we come to find a sense of community?
I have met some wonderful people in sl, and this piece made me wonder...would I feel the same in rl about these people?
That close of a resemblance to the real person, is the avatar? Not physically, I doubt that there are any real nekos after all...but the real person. This is what caused my interest in alts to surface...I was not sure, but then I remembered something. Life is about balancing both sides of the looking glass. Moderation in all things. Balancing between the real world and my newly discovered virtual one, might take a bit of effort, but I think that is is well worth it! Ahem...besides...I met my Master on-line.
So I will feel free to laugh and live and love in sl. I will just try to remember that this is one side of the looking glass. My real life is the other.

According to the website...Second Skin will be coming to theaters and DVD internationally in July '09. Second Skin is a Pure West film.

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