Saturday, March 21, 2009

For the love of rope...

Rope..gotta love it! I was giving a tour last night of the most beautiful place! It is a house of shibari created by Ma'am's slut.

This house is a place of grace and beauty. Something well worth seeing and experiencing. Slut has really outdone herself this time!
The house is only open to the Certified Role players of the Dark Den...So if you are a member of the Certified RP group or if you are a guest of a not pass the opportunity to experience it! The ropes look better on a naked body, but I was not with Ma'am at the time.

On a side note... about rl rope bondage...

Rope bondage is something that I dearly love in real life. I love the beauty of the ropes as well as the physical restraint. There are several legitimate sites that offer Dojos or classes in the fine art. At just such a class you will learn which ropes work for which purposes, and how to practice in a safe sane and consentual environment.
I must say, the purists tend to like hemp...I do not. But it is a matter of both asthetic tastes and ...
OK, let's be honest... hemp just does not slip as easily as rope so usually someone in my particular position...which do you think that I would prefer?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Warrior nymph? Fairy warrior? Or runs with scissors?

In my short time at Dark Den I have spent more time in a bubble, on my back like a turtle than I care to relate. There is a fine line of weapons made for the smaller amoungst us called "Warrior Nymph." I have been encouraged to hone my skill with these tools... What skills??

I would have to say that I can do more damage with my credit card shopping than any havoc that could be wrought by steel.
I have always preferred to use my wits than force in any situation, but with Ma'am bringing a successor into the world, the times call for something more drastic.
Now, I do not expect to become proficient any time soon, but I would love to be able to stay out of one of those blasted bubbles for a few days at least!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What not to wear....

One of the first conversations that I had when I came to DD was with a Master who mentioned that he could tell that I was not there for sex. It was obvious from my dress it seems. Long ago, I was taught not to display what was not offered and I had kept to the rule for the most part.
Now, I run amok with Ma’am, in the dress she prefers. A belt. It is my acquiescence to her wishes.

However, if you see me without her around you will usually notice that I am dressed or following the dress code of Nayeli. Not an open invitation, to is simply what is preferred.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flower Drum song

Sometimes you just have to get nekkid and dance! (or drum) *L$10*
And doing it with your friends...that is the best! *L$100*
Keeping Ma'am from eating the island might be a bit of a problem though, in the coming weeks!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

BDSM 101~ A bit of a rant

Sighing here, and thinking that this is a good time to say this, since I am convinced that very few read this BLOG. Hopefully, it should not stir anyones pot, toooo much.

So here goes...

This is not aimed at anyone in particular. There are several people that claim to "teach" others about how to be a submissive or how to be Dominant. Recently, I read a disclaimer from one teacher, that her particular lessons are aimed at people interested in the bdsm lifestyle in sl, only. I do not have a problem with learning about D/s in sl. However, please allow me to be perfectly clear about my personal feelings about teaching someone to be a Dom or sub.(Excuse the caps.)

You either are or you aren't. Period.

I had expressed this to someone, not to long ago, and she agreed, being much more eloquent than I in her assessment. "It is like teaching someone to be left-handed or right-handed. You are either one or the other."

Maybe I am too much of a purest about being submissive, but I have strong feelings about the trust that exists within the power exchange.

Allow me to tell you a quick story.When I first came to sl, a man, approached me, he self-identified as a Dominant. He was actually very nice, but i was abit rankled when told me that he "knew" what it was to be sub. "Interesting," I thought. When I asked him how he knew knew this... he mentioned that he had had lessons. When asked how many lessons it took for him to acquire this knowledge. He said it was about 10. (I cringed)
I think that you can teach someone to "act" submissive or Dominant. I do not think that you can teach someone to "be" such.
Take a look in the mirror, what do you see?
End of rant~