Friday, March 20, 2009

Warrior nymph? Fairy warrior? Or runs with scissors?

In my short time at Dark Den I have spent more time in a bubble, on my back like a turtle than I care to relate. There is a fine line of weapons made for the smaller amoungst us called "Warrior Nymph." I have been encouraged to hone my skill with these tools... What skills??

I would have to say that I can do more damage with my credit card shopping than any havoc that could be wrought by steel.
I have always preferred to use my wits than force in any situation, but with Ma'am bringing a successor into the world, the times call for something more drastic.
Now, I do not expect to become proficient any time soon, but I would love to be able to stay out of one of those blasted bubbles for a few days at least!

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