Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A bit of a rest~

I recently ran into my friend Jake. Neither of us have been in world much and the times that we have did not coincide. Imagine my delight when I had the opportunity to spend time with him?

We had some time exploring a few sims,just cuddled and talked...
Frankly, I needed that...even fairys need a a place to rest aside from a flower.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why the RLV is not for this submissive...fairy or not...

This may cause a bit of controversy, but after all, a 'blog is just one person's humble opinion. This 'blog happens to be my humble opinion. So now I think I should say a bit about why the RLV is not for me.

For me, submission is the gift that keeps on giving. It is an ongoing process of something called a power exchange. Within the relationship, the giving is constant. As much as I love being dragged around on a leash or in other ways controlled in some manner. The fact that my consent is not longer needed cheapens it for me. For one thing, when I am being dragged around on a leash I relax and let the leash holder do the work. Why would I be any different in the RLV?

So, for me the RLV would have the same result... allowing me to relax and let the dominant do all of the work, in every aspect of the relationship. In giving up the need to follow direction, to have to act in order to obey, all meaning would eventually be lost for me. I have heard that being in the RLV is very relaxing for the submissive, taking away all of those pesky decisions. I have no doubt that I would like it, but it would make me lazy and if enough choices were made for me instead of my having to comply with those choices, actively..then my real submission, what makes me...well...me, would be lost.

To put it simply the difference between how I view submission and how those that enjoy the RLV is the same for me as the difference between active vs. passive submission.

Allow me to ask this question of a dominant...

Which would you prefer:

A. Press a button and have me kneeling at your feet or placing me in a cage, in some way directing my actions with a stroke of the keys. Would you like to cut off my ability to speak to someone that had displeased you or you thought was not good for me.

B. Direct my actions with a word or a flick of the wrist, and my actively complying with your whim or wishes. Would you like to tell me that I am not to speak to a person, consequentially, I place him/her on mute after informing them that my Master had instructed me to do so.

For me, the choice is clear...

It is up to you to make the choice for yourself.

I know that the RLV is not static and the control is on a scale from mild to extremely restrictive. So if I were with a Master who wished to use it or wanted to try it, I would. It is my dearest hope that he would continue to value my opinion in this matter.

Maybe the real difference comes from living in a rl D/s relationship. My submission is not something that can be controlled by a button, I must give myself each and every day. In sl, to truly be the submissive I am, I would have to do the same.