Friday, June 12, 2009

RLV~ One fairy's view ~ First an introduction...

First of all, I am not saying that the RLV is not for anyone in particular, just not for me. Please allow me to explain as simply as possible this intricate device. Be prepared, the explanation of the device may be longer than my explanation of why it is not for me. So in this post I will attempt to explain the workings of the RLV, in the next one I will explain my feelings about it.

The RLV~

The RLV is the Restrained Life Viewer. Originally created by Marine Kelley, it is a customized viewer that gives dominants a far greater level of control over their submissives. This modification of the second life viewer makes it possible for restrictions to be placed on subs that are simply not possible with the normal viewer.

Actually, just running the viewer makes the restrictions possible but nothing will happen unless you also wear an item that places restrictions on you.

With RLV restrictions IMs may be blocked, both incoming and outgoing, or IMs may only be allowed from certain individuals. It can block your ability to send or receive messages in chat. The effect? (Gag's, blindfolds and earplugs can now be 100% effective)

It can block the ability to send messages on alternate channels ...such as the use of emoters or other devices that relay text or accept commands(an exception list is possible.) There is a command that can also block the text from appearing over people's heads, in the chat window, so that the submissive may have no idea who they are talking to. If the dominant so chooses, you cannot open note cards. If you have note cards open when this is locked they will be closed at that time.

Sitting may be blocked, this is in two modes: you may not be able to SIT at all, or you must be within 1.5m of an item in order to SIT...or it can force sitting, locking you in place so you cannot stand, force you to sit on an item, no matter what your feelings are.

RLV can make any item undetachable, blocking the ability to wear clothes, allowing the dominant to forcibly remove clothes, or forcibly remove any attached item. There is a command that allows the owner to get a listing of all attachments and all clothes. This includes items attached to your hud. When an item is "locked"such as a collar you cannot unlock it or detach it, the menu options are gone, if you try to right click on them. Your inventory may be locked down so that you cannot open your inventory window. Marine Kelley also provides a free script that can be added to the contents of ANY item to give it the ability to be locked by the dominant.

Building may be blocked, as well as edit tools being locked and blocking the ability to rez objects.

Logins may be limited to your last location. So you cannot escape whatever predicament you may have been in by simply logging out then back in world in a different location..

The ability to TP may be blocked, or limited to specific landmarks, or allow you to TP only when invited by specific individuals. There is even a "force TP".. this feature allows the dominant to forcibly send the submissive anywhere in SL. No asking, no chance of complying or refusing, no discussion, just "poof" there you are, in the middle of a Gorean Sim, a nightclub, or a gangbang, at the whim of the dominant in control.

There are some really clever products designed to be used with the RLV...still, all choice is gone, with the RLV. Perfect for a bottom, but in my opinion, not for a submissive, at least not this one.

Why? I will explain soon...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Secret Spots...

Well, in my wanderings I have found some places that are refining the rp. Not certain how much they want known about them. So I will say that they are out there, developing storylines. and you can find them if you want!

Some are tucked away in small spots, sort of a hub from which to base RP from and go out into the Gorean world. Not everything is as it appears to be on these sims. Peaceful villages might conceal the most dastardly of characters!

So, grab a Gorean Meter, go out and explore!

Monday, June 8, 2009

For my friends...

I did not realize until shortly after my last posting about Gor that I would get feedback so very fast.

Several people immediately felt that my posting meant that I may be in search of a Gorean collar. I was surprised by this. After having said, so many times, that I have a problem with being in the collar of different people, in different worlds. (rl/sl)


As much as I have loved being on Gor in the past, I am not sure that it is possible for me to be a woman on Gor without wearing a collar of some sort. Well, I have no interest in being a FW or a Panther, and I certainly have no interest in changing my gender! I put so much of myself into the role that I play, even in RP that it can be a bit disturbing, and is not simply a game where I am disengaged from the avi.

For the moment, I am wandering around Gor, when I have the chance. I am not sure where any of this will lead. One thing I learned long ago is never to say never. However, at the moment I like who I am, and where I am, so it is highly unlikely that I would want to change anything about my circumstance.