Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me too!

For the first time I altered one of my posts. It was pointed out to me that I was being unfair, and I have to agree. Seems I have been a cranky fairy as of late. Blame it on being sick in rl couch* cough*. Whatever the reason there is no excuse. I beg your pardon. Back to more positive posts in the future!...Now for my amended offering...

Recently, I attended another class at the D/s academy, the subject being poly, and how each participant was handling it. There were more combinations than you would have thought possible. When a Dominant is dealing with more than one girl, it is a delicate balance. Both in rl and in sl.
A Master or Dom handling more than one girl has many problems that may crop up. Sometimes it is a simple matter of personalities not meshing, sometimes it is much more insidious. There is a particular type of submissive that I like to call the "me too" I would like to address in this post.
"Me too" submissives tout their individuality, they want to be treated as the special person that they are. Nothing wrong with that right? Ahh, but here is the catch! They do not want the same for the other girl that may be in the relationship. In other words, she wishes to be treated uniquely, but also wishes to have whatever treatment given to her sister, bestowed upon her...a nearly impossible task unless dealing with a clone.
The dominant has the very difficult task of trying to balance the submissives in his care. It is not that I feel sympathy for his plight. However I do empathize. A "me too" may also me called, "MeMeMe" and is little more than a cleverly disguised passive aggressive manipulator in submissive gear.

She may be difficult to spot, because she usually tells all and sundry what a wonderful submissive she is. So here is a clue:
If she discovers that you have something that you share with another submissive in your care and she insists that the exact same is done for her...she is a "me too submissive"

Only advice I have for a Dom meeting this sub is this: Buyer beware!

(PS I am NOT a Me too submissive...I promise!)

An original!

I am often told about different designers on sl. Most of the time they are very nice but not unusually so. Not so with this one.

Her work is nothing short of beautiful. Not limited to just one or two outfits, I would be hard pressed to say that there was anything that I did not like.
(All of the wings are my own, except for the first set, called the beaded fairy) This is not a fairy designer. More of a designer of dresses you would wear while starring in your own fairy tale!

If you have a chance, stop by and see her work! There is much more than I have touched on here...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The hunt is on!!

Well,it took a bit longer than I thought it would, but I finally embarked on the Looking Glass Hunt!

I am sure that I am not meant to be a hunter, (I seem to be much more naturally hunted, if you know what I mean?) Soooo... this may be the last hunt for me for a while. My eyes ache from scanning for tiny mirrors!

I find that I never open the boxes, and frankly the thought of the people that litter boxes all over the stores of the participants infuriates me!

Oops, looks like I need to go to bed, I seem to be getting a tiny bit cranky! (For a fairy, at least)

The creativity of people on SL STILL amazes me to no end! Try this hunt, it is not easy, but well, nothing worth having ever is, is it?

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Looking Glass

OK know I HAVE to do this one!!

Well it is a holiday weekend, and the weather is pretty why not join me?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Traveling Artisan

I had some pics taken today.

It was at a place called Traveling Artisan. I met with Daron Brandeis and his partner Fallon Maertens. This was one of the places that I discovered when on the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt. He has an artist's eye, and on a personal note, I really liked both Daron and Fallon!

What do you think?

Gorean Grid Wide Hunt ends...

Well , today was the last day of the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt. What great fun it was!

I searched high and low for the hearts with the quiva through them. (Barely a stone ,or should I say homestone?) was left unturned.
The group was a great help and I just want to thank those that put it together and those that participated for a totally fun experience! I made new friends and met some interesting people along the way that I would like to get to know better!

I have some new favorite places to add to my list. I will not mention them yet, but I shall let you know about them very soon!

I am looking forward to the next hunt...something about a Looking Glass? How can I resist?