Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gorean Grid Wide Hunt!

I spent some time last night following the Gorean hunt. Had stumbled upon it while shopping and decided to start at the beginning and follow the path where it led me. OK, once again I am astounded by the creativity of the people on sl!

I am only about a third of the way through, and I was lucky enough to hook up with a couple of other hunters... the more eyes the better, I always say! My favorite, so far has been a place that makes musical instruments! If you have the time, join in the fun!Hope I see you there!

On a side note:
Actually, I had started this hunt after running through the lag(insert a chuckle about the word running, here) at Twisted and Spoiled, for their hunt. Such cute things in that store! However the patrons had to strip themselved of any HUDs, prim objects (including some hair), and even tossed AOs so that they could actually move. What we women will do for a bargain! (I flatly refuse to lose the AO, myself)

These are my very first hunts, and I had fun! Have not opened any boxes yet, so not sure if it is worth the effort, but I did get to see some stores and some merchandise I did not know existed, so I think that the point is made. Try it sometime!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Both Sides of the Looking Glass

By chance, I was lucky enough to attend a talk lead by Havelock Raymaker, a RL Dominant and tutor for the organizers, the D/s Academy. The discussion was held partially in voice and partially in text, at first I had a few glitches, but after that was worked out I have to say that I was impressed by the speaker and the others attending. The topic? Is there such a thing as abuse in SL and if so what forms do you think it takes ?

The discussion reminded me of so many that I have been to in rl. I found the participants thoughtful, and reasonable. The original topic soon turned toward the responsibility of both parties in a D/s relationship. The care that is taken to keep the trust of the submissive from becoming abusive. The key being communication.

The talk was over far too soon! I am happy to have stumbled upon the meeting and hope to attend more in the future!