Monday, June 8, 2009

For my friends...

I did not realize until shortly after my last posting about Gor that I would get feedback so very fast.

Several people immediately felt that my posting meant that I may be in search of a Gorean collar. I was surprised by this. After having said, so many times, that I have a problem with being in the collar of different people, in different worlds. (rl/sl)


As much as I have loved being on Gor in the past, I am not sure that it is possible for me to be a woman on Gor without wearing a collar of some sort. Well, I have no interest in being a FW or a Panther, and I certainly have no interest in changing my gender! I put so much of myself into the role that I play, even in RP that it can be a bit disturbing, and is not simply a game where I am disengaged from the avi.

For the moment, I am wandering around Gor, when I have the chance. I am not sure where any of this will lead. One thing I learned long ago is never to say never. However, at the moment I like who I am, and where I am, so it is highly unlikely that I would want to change anything about my circumstance.

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