Saturday, June 6, 2009

GOR-addiction or what?

OK, I will say it here and in public. My name is Pippa and I like Gor. I think that some of the best RP occurs there. I happen to like the defined roles. This is a type of addiction that keeps drawing me back.

It is where I started in RP, before there was an SL. Gor is where I learned to crawl, to walk, and to crawl again, if needed. (RP wise that is)

I love the ritual, the clearly defined roles, the black and whiteness of it all.

That being said, I have been disillusioned by what I have seen on SL Gor. From my scant wanderings and from talking to a few people, I have had the impression of a bunch of exiles from World of Warcraft running around with weapons,calling each other bro. They seemed to be living in cities run by slaves, on every level, because Masters were too busy ...well running around playing with weapons. That said, I believe my impression may have been a hasty one.

Recently I have been persuaded that there are viable well run RP Gorean sims out there that are interested in intricate and well honed RP skills. Actually, I came to this realization since I participated in the Gorean Grid Wide hunt and had increased my exposure to more Goreans again. Now I am off in search of those sims. I am not sure that I am ready to give up my freedom and kneel as a Gorean slave.

However... a fairy can dream, can't she?

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