Monday, June 1, 2009

A sigh of relief...

I have not been on line much lately. Only in short bursts. Devil of it is that rl sometimes really does come first, grrrrrr.

Imagine my surprise when I notice that my close friend Jake has placed a girl in his profile as “interesting” Actually, I think that he referred to "hidden depths". I was struck with a pang when I read that. What was the pang, I wondered? Surely, not jealousy?? I have prided myself on not being jealous. But could it be?

Actually it was not anger with him or the girl that struck me, it was a sense of loss. He has taught me so much, been so kind to me that I did not want that to stop. He has held me when I was confused and helped me to gain some perspective on my life in sl. OK yes, he has spanked me when I needed that too!

What do I care about other women? I never have before, (and there is a cast of thousands)why would I now?

I gathered myself together and sent an IM to him, though he was not on-line. The next time he was, evidently, I received a message from him (sort of a high tech fone tag?) The jist is that his on-line time has been curtailed and will be for a while, as well. Yes, there is a girl, but that has nothing to do with, and will not interfere with, his relationships with me or the other people who are so special to him. (Well I am paraphrasing, but that was the drift)

Now I can relax and return to my fairy ways, when I am able to be in world again, more often. I miss the people I care about so much. The are like rare gems that sparkle in the moonlight…precious to me. I just hope that they know how much they mean to me

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