Saturday, March 21, 2009

For the love of rope...

Rope..gotta love it! I was giving a tour last night of the most beautiful place! It is a house of shibari created by Ma'am's slut.

This house is a place of grace and beauty. Something well worth seeing and experiencing. Slut has really outdone herself this time!
The house is only open to the Certified Role players of the Dark Den...So if you are a member of the Certified RP group or if you are a guest of a not pass the opportunity to experience it! The ropes look better on a naked body, but I was not with Ma'am at the time.

On a side note... about rl rope bondage...

Rope bondage is something that I dearly love in real life. I love the beauty of the ropes as well as the physical restraint. There are several legitimate sites that offer Dojos or classes in the fine art. At just such a class you will learn which ropes work for which purposes, and how to practice in a safe sane and consentual environment.
I must say, the purists tend to like hemp...I do not. But it is a matter of both asthetic tastes and ...
OK, let's be honest... hemp just does not slip as easily as rope so usually someone in my particular position...which do you think that I would prefer?

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