Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Safe words

So ...

I have been working on my limits here on sl. One of the things that I had to remember is my safe word.

My safeword is "Mercy"

Interesting choice, some have said, because it might be taken as "merci" The french word for thank you.

I prefer to think it means, "Thank you, I have had quite enough, for now"

Here in SL, safe words are really meant to keep us safe, not physically... but emotionally... spiritually...psychologically. One can be as traumatized here as anywhere else.

Part of SSC is trying to keep that from happening.
More on Safe Sane and Consensual in a later post.

In rl I live in a RACK household. My Master is well aware of my limits and my mindset. These have been learned over time and the trust that I have is complete Hence, I have not felt the need for Mercy, nor has he expected to hear my safe word in a very, very long time.
I do have another problem. I slip into subspace so easily, it would be difficult or me to know that it is time to safeword. So there have been times when he was aware that we were at a point where play should stop, even when I was not aware of it at the time. Tell me, why would I not trust him completely now?

How does one stop that in SL? I am not sure that I want to. Just want to be certain that the person I am with is trustworthy and responsible.

Actually, that is good advice on both sides of the mirror...

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