Sunday, April 5, 2009

Follow the money~

Sighing here...Well seems that someone , (probably one of the two people that read this 'blog) sent my little 'blogpost to the author that I referred to from my soap box as mean-spirited. So... this time I feel compelled to step thru the looking glass and turn my gaze in that direction once more.The only comment the 'blogger made regarding my post is to correct my assertion that she charges L$1000... actually she charges L$2000. PT Barnham was correct, there IS one born every minute! Since nothing else was said, one must assume that she has no issue with anything else included in my post. I am happy to be seen as accurate, thank you!

Now, as far as charging for her services, it is like anything else. Buyer beware!

Just remember that this is someone who presents herself as a submissive, and teaches people how to be Dominant or submissive, in private lessons, for a fee. Also, please remember that as far as anyone knows, she has been notably unsuccessful in that endeavor herself. (If past performance is any indication of the future, I am cringing.)

According to her own 'blog, in a little over a year, she has had three Masters, and has sold herself in her sim's auction, from the stage where she offers her free D/s lessons. This sale, to another trusted "Master" for a few of hours. In her Jan 3 post, after complaining that he was not paying enough attention to her, she announced--He released her in an IM during her class about how to find and keep a partner if I recall, correctly...(poetic or ironic?) According to her own words she left one Master twice, had another one in there for a short period of time, tried to reconcile with the other Master recently...arrrrghhhhh...Someone get a white board for me please? Oh yes, then there was the 72 hour Master just recently....she left him as well. Accompanied by the requisite 'blogpost.

Now I do not care what world you are speaking of, if you are rl or sl, a submissive does not leave a Master, then announce it to the world in a 'blog. She begs permission to leave. When it is granted, she does so. The only thing needed to be said at that point is that she is no longer in His collar, period. That is much simpler than D/s, it is just good manners. Why tell the world she left him unless she wants the world to see her as the one in control?

When writing this post, I noticed, the 'blogger recently removed the owner of the sim as her "Protector" and has someone new. I can only assume that this is to remove the "appearance" of being in his sway. They still have very close ties, and that sim is all about money. It is not anything to be ashamed of, the sim owner is not. He proudly proclaims that he has over 3 Gazillion sold! (ALA McDonalds.) He says that he will *win* the sim auction war. (I had not known that one was being waged, sorry.) He is every bit as proud of his financial motivation in selling slaves, as she is of doubling the price of her services, Just be very aware though, you do not always get what you pay for, ask the former customers of Bernie Madoff.

I have no problem with the 'blogger making money. I am lucky, I do not need to on sl. In that I am blessed. I do not feel the need to have 30+ 'blogs( Feb 24, 2009 post) or wear my 'blog address over my head in flashing red. I do not need to malign the work that others do for free everyday, in order to feed my own tender ego. I am a very, very, lucky girl. I have a real life and a Master that helps me to be happy and fulfilled. I have a sl that is fun and exciting with people I love dearly and enjoy being with as much as I can. Referring to what others are doing in sl as dangerous, when what they are doing is offering the same service as she, appears to be at the very least disingenuous.

My point is this, if taking lessons gives you a vocabulary that allows you to express yourself in a vernacular that has been foreign to you up to this point, that is not a bad thing. You can pay L$2000 to someone for this, $L100 for it, or go for free, to lessons and sites across the grid and over the internet. I have had people stop me when I am exploring and talk to me about it, and guess what, I did not charge a dime! Decide for yourself what is right for you. I am begging you to be an informed consumer. As my wise friend said, no one can teach you how to be left or right handed. You are either one or the other. It is the same with Dom or sub. You can pretend or kid yourself into thinking that you are something that you are not. You can fight it and remain unhappy. Some men are not Dominant or submissive, they might just be kinky vanilla guys. Some women are not either as well, but call themselves submissive so they can find a Dom to serve their needs without feeling they have betrayed feminism, by being kinky. Those women are not looking for a Dom, they need a "service top."

There are as many reasons and flavors available to you in D/s as there are people. The best advise that I can give you is this... and remember you are getting it for free...Find the key that fits your lock and relish in the experience and pleasure that is sure to come your way.

For now, I just want to get back to having fun~~


  1. what's with 'the blogger'? everyone more or less knows ya refering to Miss Forceme. so why bother?

    Let me quote you something 'a dom/me can teach a sub how to be a sub without being a sub.'

    Also please note the person teaching at Vardo/Seijin Training. Kadin something is also a sub!

  2. Thank you for your comment, diane.

    In spite of the fact that you do not site your quote, I do not disagree with it.

    My point, that you may have missed, is simple...Calling something dangerous that you know nothing about simply because the person offers a certification is irresponsible.

    Maligning someone who has gone to the effort to create something, in a public forum is just plain mean-spirited. And invites others to look a bit more closely at the speaker.

    In other words, if you live in a glass house, at least open the window before you start tossing stones!