Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to be creative on SL~ For me it is basically RP

I am constantly amazed at the creativity here on SL. The textures, the objects, the is a mystery for me. Personally, I see myself more as a decorator. I do not create objects...I buy and place things in what is hoped to be an artful arrangement that others might enjoy. I decorate my body (my avatar), and my surroundings. This writer is more about the feelings evoked by the physical environment, not the function. I think that comes from a background in Role Play that was well established before I came to SL.

I had fought coming here to SL. Had heard about it for several years. I felt that the visual world would make me lazy or cheapen the role play. That is not true, I must say. But it did take some time, getting past the visual and audio aspect of sl. So felt like an assault and really...So much many things to learn!

At first, I was overwhelmed...there seemed to be such huge amounts of stimulation! Talking body parts? They left me cold. If some part of me is tingling then I need to be able to describe it myself, not afk, getting noodles out of the microwave while some automated flesh does my talking for me. I found that aspect an afront to my RP sensibilities.

Then I wandered into Dark Den, I found that RP is still RP, I did not need to learn how click poseballs. I could still create or respond to the action, using visual as a backdrop. There are many RP sims around the grid, with various rules. Since RP is something that is close to my heart, I may have delayed talking about it very much here.

However, now I would like to explore role play here for a while, on the 'blog. There are some classes around the grid where you can go to learn the basics. Some are offering certificates in the activity. The processes vary, but one hopes the end result is the same. Good interaction by people who are present in the moment and enriching the experience for themselves and for others.

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