Thursday, April 2, 2009

Soapbox Derby~

Hi, OK time for another rant…

So I am climbing on my soapbox and having my say!

I have been trying very, very, hard to stay out of controversy, but really. Sometimes some people are so blatant in their criticism of others it begs the question…
What is missing from this person’s life that they can be so mean spirited?

There is another 'blog that I shall not name. I have to say that most times I enjoy reading it. As a newcomer to sl, I find it informative about what there is to be offered to us on the grid. For me reading this 'blog is just one in a long list of sources for entertainment. I do not count on it for forming opinions, just as anyone here should form his/her own opinion, and not count on mine.
According to their 'blog, they recently went to a sim that offers a certification process, not DD but a different sim. I am not familiar with this sim, and have no idea about what is offered there or by whom.

However, the apparent issue was the fact that this sim offered certification.
Now, certification is defined as: A document attesting that a person or organization meets minimum standards or qualifications in a specified area. Usually issued by an organization with recognized expertise in the area.

In rl I deal daily with Professional Licensure, Registration, and Certification. Any and all of this documentation is only as good as the organization, licensing body, or in this case, group issuing it. Which is why a Curriculum Vitae is important. A Curriculum vitae is a summary of your academic and work history, A written account of one's life comprising one's education, accomplishments, work experience, publications, etc. It can also be defined as a personal history of one’s education, professional history and job qualifications with a strong emphasis on specific skills relating to the position being applied for.

BTW, This same "blogger" has just recently rolled out a certification of her own. (actually in RP) By her own words, she is not affiliated with any organization or Sim. Note- Certification is a document issued by an organization (meaning more than one person) Also noted that as far as I know she has never been certified in RP herself, or at least she does not offer that as a qualification.

She does, however, offer classes on a sim that sells products and slaves and is a Barker for the auction house owned by that sim. Though her classes are for free, the attendees are reminded aggressively (dare I say bullied?) to tip, by the sim owner and single female attendees are often approached to become stock and subsequently offered for auction by the sim. She also sells her services for L$1000….to be taught how to be or supposedly to act like a Dom or sub. Not that she has any rl experience, that she has ever spoken of. Her own submissive Ramo, failed to garner any bids, on two separate occasions, when offered on the block at that same auction house... Another former student taught in private lessons to be a submissive suffered the same fate at a different auction. (Not the best of recommendations, IMHO)

With that established, I would have to say that I understand why anyone that she approaches in the attempt to “pass through” their certification system would greet her with suspicion and derision. Now she threatens to squeak through the system in a guise of the intrepid reporter. It is, after all, "her job."

So now, we have a self proclaimed wannabe (see the March 14, 2009 posting of her 'blog) Without rl experience declaring a system she has not attended dangerous?

Maybe she is right…who knows?
All we have now are her words, born of her own twisted imagination.


  1. I was pointed towards this entry due to the previous entry on the blog you do not mention.
    I was one of the first responders to that entry.

    After my first comment there I've steered clear of that blog due to the.. uh.. ensuing hissing/flaming war happening therein.

    I only have one thing to say, after reading your 'rant'.

    -Thank you-

    Ossy Portocarrero

  2. And to echo those sentiments.

    Thank you - again.

  3. rolls ma eyes just because people dont have better things to do then to chastize others go figure but i guess its each to their own eh?

    anony cause i felt like it

  4. Thank you to any who have commented.

    And...*anony cause I felt like it*...

    While I am unsure of whether you mean the 'blogger I addressed, this humble writer, or even eyeroller, you...I am happy to publish your comments.