Thursday, March 5, 2009

A newbie gets a chance for a new likeness!

Being a noob is an interesting thing. I had tried to get myself together as much as possible from what was available. There is a lot available, enough to be presentable, at least... but one day I met someone who changed my life. Funny thing is, I do not even remember her name.

She IM'd me with something like this..."I have been watching you. Good job on your avi... would you like some help with looking even better?"

It seems she had a task for a place where she had to find someone new and help the noob get ...clothes skins whatever. She told me that I have shown a lot of potential in my freebie choices, so I was deemed worthy of her attention. In exchange, since nothing is for free...I was to come to a "cube" and vouch for her as having helped me.

That "cube" oh dear, where it led me...

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