Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mermaid Phase

Sometimes known as Sea Fairies

I am a creature of the Fey

Prepare to give your soul away

My spell is passion and it is art

My song can bind a human heart

And if you chance to know my face

My hold shall be your last embrace.

Sailors for the longest time have told yarns about the ladies of the deep that have come to their salvation. To this day these ladies of legend are spoken of with the awe they so richly deserve.

There are many places on SL that are created specifically to explore mermaids or being one. The beauty and creativity found at these places touched some place primal and deep within me. They say that we come from the sea originally. Do you think that might be why some of us feel this aquatic pull?

I have been lucky enough to be given the space to express do that myself. It is a small cove by the fairy grove on Nayeli. Still under construction, come see me sometime...or better yet, come explore on your own. Do not miss the underwater patio.

Don't worry, you should be able to be underwater, wearing the Gorean Meter, without drowning...

If you stay on the mosaic images of Neptune, that is. Or you can come dance with me!

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