Friday, May 1, 2009

What makes a Dominant the wrong one for you?

I was recently in a discussion with a submissive about Dominants and the several that have offered her collars over the last few years. The subject turned to signs that the Dominant is not going to work for her. She said that one glaring sign was when a Dominant had picked out a collar for her and then told her to go buy it. Now that would pretty much do it for me, too!

What would be the light bulb moment for you? Or what are the signs of a bad Dominant either for you or for anyone?

In a more positive vein,send anything that would be a sign of someone being right for you. Or rather, what YOU see as the qualities of a "good" Dominant.

Please feel free to send your suggestions here or in notecards or Ims, I will be happy to compile and publish them later

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  1. Now, not actually knowing whoever made that comment, I can't say whether this is true or not, but I see far to many "playing submissive" for free stuff, whether it be items, protection, the feeling of being attached to someone famous/powerful or what have you.

    So I guess what I can offer as an answer as a sign of "bad" Dominant is if they have one or more of these "bad" submissives in their retinue. Not necessarily condemning, as people do make mistakes, but it's enough to make me wary.