Monday, April 27, 2009

Bubble dancing

I often recieve messages as notecards or IMs when I log into world, that are to do with this 'blog. It usually surprises me, since I assume that I am one of the 3 readers. The comment that I cherish the most was a quick IM complimenting the accuracy, and fairness of a recent, if not somewhat controversial couple of postings (I really do try to be sound unbiased.)
It is not as if I care if I upset a few people, because I find vitriolic diatribe so very tiresome. Something inside of me cannot help but point out the blatant inconsistency of slamming people with undercover alts when that same person not only has them, but threatens people with them as well. Comon, anyone coming from an RP background, would be used to people having several alts. It was not until I came to sl that I found that this was an issue.
Writing a 'blog is a bit like dancing on a bubble. Any moment those screeching contradiction of statements might poke through and all will *pop* There goes credibility! I am happy to tell readers how I think or feel. I just do not want anyone to think that if they do not agree with me, I will denigrate them in pixels. This is not a bully pulpit. It is strictly a chronicle of my journey through sl.

There is plenty of room for all of the choices we have. I think that we should stop worrying about what others are doing and just relax and have fun!

Oh and the bubbles that I am sitting on are available at a place called Happymood. You can find all sorts of delightfully fun objects for the well appointed fairy, nymph or just for fun !

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