Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meeting New People.

Well as you know, I am pretty new to SL.
So, I tend to wander. I am sometimes shopping, sometimes discovering. Most of the places I go I find because I have been profile drilling.

As I wander around, many times I end up talking to someone. This time I was lucky enough to find my way to the Faery Crossing.

I am not sure of the details so if I am wrong they should feel free to correct me....

It is a lovely place consisting of 9 sims. I have only visited the market where I made the Lindens very happy, I think. The beauty and gentility that I found in this place was beyond anything I had expected to find. I am always surprised by the creativity here in sl. But this surpassed all expectaions. The lady that spoke to me ther told me that they have even created a gateway to teach newcomers about the area and the expectaions for behavior.

I was complimented when she told me that by my demeanor and dress I would fit right in. But I do plan to visit the gateway soon since I strongly believe in the adage about being in Rome...

BTW I have connected my profile to this BLOG and every once in a while someone makes a comment about it. Usually it is someone who asks me about my involvement with rl D/s and how it differs with sl D/s. I have run into some interesting aspects here in sl. I think that I should address them in a later post.

The second pic is of an area on Nayeli for Fairies and Mermaids and anyone that wishes to cuddle. (With or without a leash.)

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