Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mirror images

Wow, I have had more than a few comments, in IM, about my last post when I last logged on. Let me be clear, about something. I am not denigrating sl Master/slave relationships. There is a clear bond between this sort of meeting of the minds. However, if you are someone that is acting out submission without ever having knelt at someone's feet. how do you know how that truly feels? You and I sit here, behind the safety of a screen.For example, I was told once of a wedding on sl where the bride interrupted the ceremony with something like ((brb, my Ramen noodles are ready)) You tell me, how committed was she?

When I am here, rping that I am being tied to a post,spoken to in a certain manner, and then I am spanked, used or whatever...I have a very real visceral memory/connection to the real life experience and my response to the scene is multiplied exponentially. I understand, without doubt, what it takes to place myself in the hands of someone who has me helpless, and in his/her thrall.

I also know what it is like to live the experience 24/7. There are dimensions that I never could have imagined, had I not lived through them in rl. There are many tests to this sort of relationship, since it is not accepted conventionally, it remains under wraps. I have been called an anticipatory slave. "Thoughtful" is the vanilla word for it, I think. Vanilla friends have expressed concern at my "submissive" attitude. Please know that the most important word in a D/s relationship, is relationship. Maybe this is why I do not seek or wear a collar. I dearly love the people that I interact here, but I wonder if I am able to wear two collars? I know that people have a marriage in the real world and one here on sl, but is that me? For now I am content the way things are.

So if you are strictly in an sl relationship, please do not feel defensive or think that I mean that you are less committed. What I am saying is this... There are dimensions to your psyche that you cannot explore from behind a desk. For me, it was so much better to push off from the dock and set sail on an ocean of discovery , exploring in ways I had only imagined until then. That was the right course for me, it is up to you to choose the path for you.

BTW, from the day I met my Master, I have not played in rl with anyone other than him.


  1. Hi, Thank you for this post. For me i only found this life recently and first in sl. i never even knew i had this choice to make. Now i begin to explore D/s in both worlds. i am very committed to my Mistress but my time in sl is far too short. You say things that make this easier for me. Sometimes it is overwhelming and difficult to understand. So i'm glad i can come here and read.

  2. If you ever have any questions, I am happy to tell you anything that I have experienced. This is a good place to explore your mind. I did, on-line for quite a while before taking it to rl. Never rush anything.